What to do in Vera Playa?

Vera Playa is well known for its nudist area but has far more to offer ! The surroundings also have lots of fun and beautiful destinations to show. 
On this page we will list some that we have tried ourselves !
  • Idyllic beaches
  • Beautiful cities 
  • Restaurants and bars that are worth a visit

Idyllic beaches

Do you prefer swimming in the sea? Or sunbathing on the beach? Or maybe you simply like to enjoy the view !
Here are some of the best beaches in the area.

Playa de los muertos

This beach is known for its clear blue water and impressive rock formations. Anyone who likes to swim or snorkel in a calm sea will love this beach. Even though it's not that easily accessible, it can get pretty crowded. 
  • Water shoes (beach exists of pebbles and rocks)
  • Bring your own drinks (no bar or shop)
  • Prepare for a brisk walk to get to the beach. This makes it a bit harder to bring everything you want.
GPS: Playa de los Muertos
You have to pay for parking but acces to the beach is free.

Playa Cueva del lobo

A peaceful, extensive beach located in Mojacar. The beach is comparable to the one in Vera Playa and mostly exists of sand and pebbles. Water shoes are not a must but can be recommended. The seabed mostly shows sea weed and rocks.

GPS: Playa Cueva del Lobo, Mojacar
Park somewhere next to the road in one of the many parking spaces in Mojacar.

Beautiful cities

Visit some of the many villages and cities in the area around Vera Playa.
Each has their own unique offer of sights and activities.


The village Vera is located about 10 km away from the shore of Vera Playa. The town has some historical buildings, like the townhouse and the church Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación, that are located around a small square in the village. You can also find a bullring or plaza de toros. The ring is still being used for bullfights and other activities and festivities today.


Just an hour drive from Vera Playa you will find the theme park Oasis mini Hollywood in Tabernas. This theme park was build in 1965 as a movie set for various western movies (such as: the good, the bad and the ugly). 
Later it became a theme park with a zoo with daily shows.
For those who love swimming, there's also a pool, but you'll have to pay an extra entrance fee. 
TIP: make sure to check the times of the shows in the zoo, the saloon and the town square.


Cartagena is one of the oldest cities of Spain. This port city has a history that goes back 3000 years. So there's much to see here for history and culture fanatics. The Roman theater should be on your bucket list. The entrance may be hard to find though (you can find it at the beginning of the Calle Mayor).
TIP: recently they created a special Cartagena Citycard. 
This ticket gives you acces to 4 of the main sights of Cartagena (Roman theater, the Forum Romanum, the panoramic elevator and the 
Castillo de la Concepción) for only € 13,- .

Those of you who like Licor 43 could pay a visit to Experiencia 43. Make sure to make a reservation in advance, otherwise you'll see nothing more than the little shop and the outside of the building.


If you're planing on visiting Granada, it may be best to get there early in the morning. If you're staying in the area longer, you could also make it a 2-day trip.

What to do in this big city?
  • Get lost in the allies of one of the most beautiful cities of Spain
  • Admire the many buildings with clear Moorish influences
  • Visit the impressive Alhambra and its gardens
  • Relax in the park at Carmen de los Martires
  • Enjoy the views at one of the 'Miradors'
  • Go souvenir shopping in Alcaicería or Calle Calderería Nueva
  • Pay a visit to the cathedral of Granada
TIP: If you want to visit the Alhambra you have to book your tickets in time ! In high season it might be fully booked 2 months in advance. Therefore it might be best to adjust your visit to Granada according to the availability of the tickets.

Restaurants and bars that are worth a visit

These are some of the establishments in the area that we've tried en liked.

Lua Puerto Rey

One of our favourite restaurants in Vera Playa is Lua Puerto Rey. The beautiful restaurant is centrally located, just outside the nudist area. You get great value for money at any time but get the most out of it we recommend to go for the lunch menu.

Maraú restaurant

This spacious restaurant is right next to the beach of Vera Playa. You can sit inside and outside while enjoying a varied cuisine.Attached to the restaurant you can find the beach club. During the day you can rent a sunbed or sip a cocktail next to the pool. In the evening the party continues at the nightclub.