How do you get to Vera Playa?

By plane

The airports closest to Vera Playa are:
  • Almería Airport (75 km from Vera Playa)
  • Murcia Airport Corvera (140 km from Vera Playa)
  • Alicante Airport (200 km from Vera Playa) 

By car

Vera Playa is easily accessible through a network highways. From the airport of Almería it's about an hour drive to Vera Playa, from Murcia 1,5 hours and from Alicante about 2 hours.

TIP: take the regular highway instead of the paying routes.

Car rental

In all airports named above, several big international car rental companies are present.
A great site to check out is:

Keep in mind that they always want you to take out extra insurance. This is not obligated but they will charge you immensely for minor damage.Make sure to check everything in advance !